Adonis King SS18 New York Fashion Week

Adonis King’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection was full of reality stars, from Dance Mom’s Nia Sioux to Big Brother UK star Georgina Leigh Cantwell. Pink, black and white were the main colors for his collection entitled “KINGDOM”. Black sheer, long crepe satin, and lace gowns, King successfully embodied the theme God vs. Goddess. “The pink represents love and lust like Aphrodite, the black represents the gothic of the gods like Hades, and the white represents the angel-like presence of Zeus,” Adonis King said.

In order to embody the elements of the Greek gods, King extracted characteristics from myths and legends and injected them into his clothing. To convey the Greek gods’ edgy side, models wore gold jewelry crowns paired with black clothing. Representing the elegance of the goddesses, models wore pink cocktail dresses with slicked-back hair and nude heels. To express the more love and lust like Aphrodite look, models wore marble patterned mermaid gowns and low-cut cocktail dresses. Models even wore Vinci Smart Headphones walking down the runway in blush pink marble jumper.

The makeup was heavy with intense strokes of bronzer and powder but was brought to life through gold highlight on the cheeks. To keep the mutuality of the Greek gods, every model wore dark plum matte lipstick by Brandi Maxiell Cosmetics.