• Adonis King Collection's is a American couture house, The house’s archives, filled with impressive designs, inspire, while its atelier, with its mastery of intricate couture techniques, continues to awe. Adonis King Collection so strongly emphasizes the beauty of a diverse world, open to all global influences. Music is an integral element of Adonis King Collection’s singular style. As Adonis King explains, “for me, it’s impossible to separate fashion from music. Adonis King Collection’s offerings are always closely linked to music.


In 2019 the crest was created, for a stately touch. Classic, cool + timeless, Adonis King Collection is an iconic American couture house brand featuring preppy essentials with a twist.


Silver and Gold medallions, buttons and symbols have graced Adonis King’s creations since the early days at the head of his namesake house.


Even as Adonis King oversees multiple collections each year, each of the many offerings remains part of one coherent whole. All designs are clearly linked, with each channeling the same instantly identifiable and common spirit, silhouette and outlook. This singular style is due to more than just craftsmanship and tailoring. There’s a unique feeling of confidence instilled into each collection, relying on the undeniable power that comes from wearing something as beautifully crafted as a Adonis King.


The closer one examines Adonis King’s creations, the more the level of expert handwork impresses. The savoir-faire of Adonis King Collection’s craftsmen is evident in a multitude of small details: expertly quilted leathers, detailed embroideries, intricate weavings, masterful pleating, impressive corsetry and an abundance of delicate stitching. Adonis King Collection highlights its impressive expertise—while, at the same time, always remaining modern, always reflecting the way that today’s women and men wish to dress.

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